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Happy Anniversary Serebii


Please just click this omg



It’s October! You guys know what that means right?

You guys probably think you know what this is, but you really don’t. Watch it, you won’t regret it.


Another to add to the ever growing list of references in Ben 10 Omniverse

Anonymous asked: You should remake mega Diancie with a gray skin tone because the one you made was white and Diancie isn't even white



Respectably speaking to you anon, I don’t tell you how to do certain things or how you should specifically run your blog. I appreciate the feedback, but I like my interpretation of Diancie just the way she is, and according to the post, so do 156 other people. Thank you!

Wow, this is kind of ridiculous, anon is basically telling you to “redo your own style of your artwork” . I call this BOGUS

So after one month of trial and error of following college classes to become a teacher I finally decided to quit it. I just realised it really isn’t anything for me and rather do something with informatics completely then being paranoid in front of a class.

My moms reaction to this decision: “That’s ok. Just go to school tomorow, go to the place where they help you find a new course to follow (don’t know the english word for it) and go write yourself out of the school if needed.”
The exact opposite reaction that I was expecting… quite relieved to be honest.


Pre-Release Teaser - Victorious Morgana Skin